Casino Online Live Dealers

Casino Online Live Dealers

Playing in online casinos with the incredible graphics and fast game play speeds that are available thanks to advanced software and computer hardware technology is a breathtaking experience without doubt.

The feel of authenticity is better than it has ever been in the history of online gaming and continued advances in these areas will only continue to increase that experience. But there is still a big difference between sitting alone in front of a computer and being amongst a group of excited people in a real world casino in terms of the charged atmosphere and sense of interaction with croupiers, dealers and other players especially shooters at the craps tables.

Unfortunately, no matter how good technology gets, that atmosphere can never be simulated on a computer, at least not until we are able to advance into the realms of science fiction style holographic pseudo reality. But one of the ways online casinos can at least create the feel of the interaction between a player and the dealer is by making use of webcam technology to bring a real person in real time to the computer screen of the player who can deal the cards or act as croupier in roulette.

Online casinos are continually searching for more and better ways to attract players and one of them is by offering a live dealer on certain games. This is becoming increasingly popular as players demand an ever improving game play experience. At present, the casinos that provide live dealers can do so with certain card games, such as blackjack and poker and at table games like roulette.

The only downside to having a live dealer is that the games are slowed down considerably when there are multiple players in a game, as each player has to wait for the others to be dealt their cards and make their betting decisions. The speed of the games therefore is determined by each player involved although in most cases each player is aware of the time constraints and is eager to help things move along as swiftly as possible.

Most players find this a small price to pay for the additional live experience of playing the game and as far as being a major casino attraction goes, live dealers are proving to be hugely successful.