Casino Online Hardware Requirements

Casino Online Hardware Requirements

When you’ve made the decision to download an online casino’s software package to enable to you enjoy the full benefits of the stunning game play and graphical representations of each of the games, next comes the question of what the hardware requirements are. It’s important to know what your computer needs to have for you to get the maximum benefit and most efficient running of the software.

For the vast majority of software providers, their programs will run at peak efficiency on most modern home computers that have been produced in the last three to five years. As long as there’s a decent amount of memory, good sound and video cards and plenty of free disk space you’ll be fine. If your computer is clogged up with a lot of unnecessary programs, freeware that you have downloaded and never used, online games software and anything else that slows your computer down, you should perform a disk cleanup and also check for spyware and viruses to ensure the maximum performance.

For older machines, here are the minimum and optimum requirements for the vast majority of each manufacturer’s software:

  • IBM PC compatible computer, Pentium 100 MHz
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 16-bit colour video card (800×600 resolution)
  • SVGA colour monitor
  • Windows 95 or later
  • Microsoft compatible mouse
  • Sound Blaster compatible sound card
  • 20 MB free hard drive space
  • CD-ROM drive (8x)
  • 4 KB modem

As you can see, these specifications are very minimal and most home computers that are as much as ten years of age will easily exceed these requirements, so for the most part you should have no worries with respect to your hardware. Obviously, the better your computer’s specifications, the more realistic and faster the games will be, to further enhance your overall gaming experience.